Brand Reward Monitor™

One of the biggest challenges is to make brand management tangible and authentic in the long term. The positioning of a brand is often based on rather abstract company values or seemingly unique product features. One decisive factor is left unaccounted for: the human being.

Therefore, after many years of research and based on our teaching activities in brand management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, we have developed a revolutionary system for determining brand motivation: the Brand Reward Monitor™. In the meantime, this tool has been successfully used by over 15,000 test persons. 


People behave much less rational than usually expected when buying their favourite products, choosing their service provider or making their holiday decision. Not product features or rational arguments tip the scales but unconscious expectations.


Many companies are unaware of these underlying motives of their clients. Brand Reward Monitor™ will allow them to get to know them, use them deliberately, distinguish themselves from the competition and establish long-term planning principles.


With a user-friendly online test procedure, probands will allocate situative images to a chosen brand. These will be systematically analysed and provide reliable evidence of the underlying motives.

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